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What is Erlang?

Erlang is a general-purpose programming language and runtime environment. Erlang has built-in support for concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance. Erlang is used in several large telecommunication systems from Ericsson. Erlang is available as open source from

What is is an hands-on, interactive tutorial that allows you to try the power of Erlang directly in your browser, without installing anything in your machine. The idea and the interface are heavily inspired by the and projects.

Who is hiding behind the project

Currently, this website is maintained by Roberto Aloi, a KTP Associate at Erlang Solutions Ltd.. (London). Since your feedback is invaluable, you're strongly encouraged to contact the author for comments and suggestions.

Which technologies have been used?

The website is written using Webmachine, a web framework written in Erlang. The Erlang shell is an adaptation of the Erlang restricted shell. The Javascript interface is based on jQuery and on the jQuery Console Plugin by Chris Done. The jQuery ProgressBar Plugin, the logging framework Lager and ErlyDTL have also been used.

The whole source code for the project will be made available soon on GitHub.

Can I contribute? How?

Contributions are more than welcome. We plan to release the whole project as Open Source very soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact us via email.

You can also create your own tutorial. This is explained in detail here.

Anything more I should know?

Follow us on Twitter. Our username is @learn_erlang. It's currently the best way to know what's going on about the project.

Available tutorials: Tutorial Name